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"The Expanded Present"
by El Modena

el modena

The Expanded Present is an attempt to think about how we experience time and how it is affected on a quantum level. Written, recorded, and produced during a year with moments at the furthest stretches of emotion and significance, this album seeks to filter my questions about the nature of time through personal experience.

In Our Time imagines the possibilities of this moment in terms of the political age we are in, and how to exit it as quickly as possible. The backing field recording is taken from Cosanti in Paradise Valley, AZ. Lagoa extends and attempts to preserve a perfect moment which doubles as the backing field recording from a pottery factory in the Azores. Wave Function Collapse is about two separate phone calls with undefined possibilities on the other end understood through the Copenhagen Observation, one with all possibilities collapsing into the best outcome, one other with all possibilities collapsing into the worst outcome. Song of Distant Earth is influenced by deep time in West Texas and the world of Arthur Clarke's work. Clean Air Turbulence ends on a much more optimistic note than the track's namesake would experience.

Each track except the final one features a field recording from my travels on my dumb old phone. Most songs were recorded with a Korg Minilogue, a Model D, Chase Bliss Thermae, Quiet Theory Prelude, and Meris Mercury 7 and Polymoon. credits

Released March 1, 2019

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